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Yusen Air and Sea (Case Study)

A busy logistics and distribution operator, Yusen Air and Sea Service Limited is based in Essex. Its workloads may vary so the company requires maximum flexibility of personnel to ensure efficient operation without over-manning during quieter periods. The company has sourced its temporary staff from Triangle Recruitment for several years, so a very close long-term association has developed.

“Our workload fluctuates on both a daily and a seasonal basis, so we deploy temporary staff as necessary to meet our staffing requirements,” explains Depot Manager Reg Hawkins. “Normally we are able to give 48 hours’ notice of a need for extra personnel but due to an unexpected consignment or sudden staff absence we may sometimes require same-day help.

“From the outset, Triangle’s own helpful staff provided us with suitable personnel, on schedule. We have been using the company for some time now as the preferred supplier that we always approach first. They are professional and reliable, and our long-standing connection means they know the type of person we require. Whether we are seeking staff to meet urgent short-term needs or for long-term temporary work, the support we receive from Triangle is excellent.”

Competition in the logistics and distribution market is intense but, after 25 years of trading in the UK, Yusen Air and Sea Service now has a well established business. The careful matching of workforce and workload, which is made possible by using Triangle Recruitment to provide flexible resources, enables Yusen to avoid carrying excess payroll costs. This ability is a crucial factor in maintaining its competitive edge

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