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Automotive Recruitment Services

Our clients were constantly enquiring about ways of retaining Triangle’s temporary workers on a long term basis whilst maintaining flexibility of using a Recruitment Agency. This led us to create a permanent solution in the form of Triangle Automotive in 2007.

The formation of Triangle Automotive Ltd gave Triangle’s customers peace of mind by offsetting the traditional view of Temporary workers having limited loyalty for the companies they work for as they have no long term security. To remove this uncertainty, Triangle Automotive directly employs trained staff and gives them the security and benefits of normal full time employment.

This makes Triangle Automotive unique to the recruitment industry, having fully trained and multi- skilled staff that are as motivated and loyal as your own employees. It allows you to have a very cost effective and reliable solution for future planning and unexpected production needs.


The additional benefits of using our service are the removal of all employment liabilities and the overheads of having permanent employees.

Triangle Automotive takes care of all remuneration costs, employee benefits, and as much or little of the daily man management. By using Triangle Automotive it also protects our clients against Agency Worker Regulations.

Latest Projects

Our latest project has seen the successful implementation of 150 of our longest serving operators with a Tier 1 supplier in the UK.

Triangle Automotive is proving highly successful with all our customers and our expansion is steadily growing across the EU. By working with local labour offices and within local labour laws it has strengthened our unique position with our clients.

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