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Cardinal Health (Case Study)

Cardinal Health, Martindale Products & Specials, Brentwood, Essex

Brentwood-based Martindale Pharmaceuticals is one of the UK’s main suppliers of specialist pharmaceutical products, which range from Atropine to Zinc Sulphate. The company manufactures markets and distributes the products for dispensing from hospital and community pharmacies across the country. To achieve this requires a diverse range of skills and aptitudes from the company’s personnel.

As an Investor in People, the company maintains the highest standards as an employer and requires similarly professional standards from any recruitment agency it deals with. Graham Cudmore, Head of Production for the busy and demanding Martindale Products and Specials operation, has been using Triangle Recruitment for the past five years.

“We first looked to outside recruiters in 2002 when we decided to deal with a planned increase in workload by taking on long-term temporary operator staff for production line work,” Graham Cudmore explains. “Our group’s own Human Resources Department recommended that I enlist the help of Triangle Recruitment, based on previous experience with the agency. It has turned out to be an excellent choice.

“We initially required a complement of literate, numerate, dextrous and physically fit production line staff. Triangle fully understood our requirements and provided us on time with the required number of ideal candidates. During the five years since then, Triangle’s own staff has always been friendly, knowledgeable, available, and ready to respond promptly to our requests and willing to make site visits at short notice. We are still actively sourcing personnel through them. You can search our latest post on xnxx.”

The heavily regulated pharmaceuticals industry requires high calibre staff at all levels and where the company is in the rigorous Investors in People scheme the challenges of recruitment can be daunting. Maintaining the highest standards of professionalism is fundamental to Triangle Recruitment’s way of doing business, so the long-standing relationship with Martindale Pharmaceuticals has been a match well made.

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